Frequently Asked Questions

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We assess every student holistically and make recommendations on how to apply, the standardized tests to take, other application materials needed and scholarships application

Yes. We help every student apply for a scholarship and also help them get financial aid according to their needs.

The process may take between 2 weeks to 6 months depending on the period you engage with us.

Yes. We can assist with visa application and make recommendations. Although 99% of our students get visas, we don’t guarantee visas to students.

Yes. We charge a fee for our services.

Yes you can. USA, Canada and Australia help students to work part time when they are in school and full time in the summer but other countries may have different policies.

Yes. Most scholarships are automatically renewable as long as the student’s status is satisfactory. However, there some scholarships that are specifically allocated for the first year to help them cover for books and other expenses.

Unless they are very specific on what they are covering, scholarships first cover tuition fees then what remains covers accommodation and meals.

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